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The remote prerequisite check fails during a 13c agent deployment process in Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c Console.



A 13c agent deployment stops on the following prerequisite check

Prerequisite Check Name:
    Do you have the privileges to run as root using the Privilege Delegation tool?
    The "visiblepw" is not set the sudoers file and as a result, the user will not be able to run sudo over ssh.
    You can either set the "oracle.sysman.prov.agentpush.enablePty" property to true in the "/orastage/oem13100/middleware/sysman/prov/agentpush/" file, which is present on the OMS host, pass -S argument to the sudo command, or enable the "visiblepw" flag in the sudoers file.
    You can also ignore this warning and continue in which case the, any preinstallation or postinstallation scripts specified with run as root enabled will not be run and you have to run them manually after installation.



Modify the following parameter in the /etc/sudoers file and retry the deployment

## Backup the file 
[oracle@dbpilot ~] cp /etc/sudoers /etc/sudoers.orig.$(date +%d%b%y_%H%M%S)

## Before 
[oracle@dbpilot ~] egrep visible /etc/sudoers
Defaults   !visiblepw

## After
[oracle@dbpilot ~] egrep visible /etc/sudoers
Defaults   visiblepw

NOTE: After a 13c agent is deployed successfully, restore the original /etc/sudoers file.


Version  : 13:08 03.05.2018
Platform : OEL 7.3
OEM      :