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Enterprise Manager Cloud Control sends me hundreds of emails per day with Memory Utilization warnings.

A message looks like:
Target type=Host 
Message=Memory Utilization is 95.145%, crossed warning (80) or critical (95) threshold.
Event reported time=Jul 24, 2018 8:21:22 PM NOVT 
Operating System=Linux
Associated Incident Id=58720 
Associated Incident Status=New 
Associated Incident Owner= 
Associated Incident Acknowledged By Owner=No 
Associated Incident Priority=None 
Associated Incident Escalation Level=0 
Event Type=Metric Alert 
Event name=Load:memUsedPct 
Metric Group=Load
Metric=Memory Utilization (%)
Metric value=95.145
Key Value= 
Rule Owner=SYSMAN 
Update Details:
Memory Utilization is 95.145%, crossed warning (80) or critical (95) threshold.
Incident created by rule (Name = Incident management rule set for all targets, Create incident for critical metric alerts [System generated rule]).


Linux always uses unused memory for disk caching. Disk caching makes it looks like you are low on memory. But actually, there is no reason to worry about. Here there is an explanation in simple terms how it works.


There are 2 options to stop generating this type of the alert, either by increasing a threshold value for a metric or by disabling the load metric collection.

Option 1: Increase the “Warning Threshold” and the “Critical Threshold” on the “Metric and Collection Settings” page for the “Memory Utilization (%)” metric

Navigate to Targets => Hosts

Query your host in “Search” text box => click on a host link

On a host page navigate to Hosts => Monitoring => Metric and Collection Settings

Set a value you want for the threshold and click “OK“. The Warning threshold must be less than the Critical threshold, they can’t have the same value.

Click “OK” on the confirmation page

NOTE: The same actions are used to modify others thresholds, like the CPU Utilization (%) or the Swap Utilization (%).

Option 2: Disable the CPU Utilization (%), the Memory Utilization (%) and the Swap Utilization (%) load metrics collection in Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

Open the “Metric and Collection Settings” page (see option 1 for details) and click the link at “Collection Schedule” column for the Load metric

On the opened page click the “Disable” button in the “Collection Schedule” section and than click the “Continue” button to modify settings

Click the “OK” button to receive confirmation of the update

Confirm that the “Collection Schedule” is disabled


EM 12c, EM 13c: How to Disable CPU Utilization (%) and Memory Utilization (%) Metrics in Enterprise Manager Cloud Control (Doc ID 2345095.1)


Version  : 10:10 25.07.2018
Platform : Red Hat 6.7
OEM      :