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An OEM 12c agent was removed from a monitored host but it’s still displayed in the Targets menu of Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c console. Despite it was removed completely from a host (stopped and removed) his target status is UP.

The Agent Decommission option does not work in this case and it raises the error if you try to perform this operation

Agent must be in down status for Decommission. Please bring down the agent and wait for the status to become down and retry.



Issue the following SQL statement against an Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control database to remove the agent from OMS

SQL> exec sysman.mgmt_admin.cleanup_agent('');

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

Confirm that it was successfully decommissioned and the Oracle Enterprise Manager console does not display the removed agent


Version  : 05:01 PM 23.02.2019
Platform : Red Hat 6.6
OEM      :